miércoles, 4 de febrero de 2009

Apo 96225 by Larry Rottmann

A young man once went off to war
in a far country.

When he had time, he wrote home and
said, "sure rains here a lot"

But his mother, reading between lines,

wrote, "we're quite conserned. Tell us
what it's really like".

And the young man responded, "wow, you ought
to see the funny monkeys!".

To which the mother replaid, "don't
hold back, how is it?"

And the young man wrote, "the sunsets here
are spectacular".

In her next letter the mother
wrote, "son we want you to tell us

So the next time he wrote, "today I killed a man.
Yesterday I helped drop nepaln on women
and children. Tomorrow we are going to use

And the father wrote, "please don't
write such depressing letters. You're upsetting
your mother".

So, after a while, the young man wrote, "sure rains here a lot...".

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